Four Case Studies to Make You REALLY WANT VOIP

You’ve heard me and I’m sure you’ve ready other media’s coverage of VOIP and how great it is – and it is. (Fonality, this month’s sponsor of in fact has a free white paper on VOIP.) InfoWorld has put together a compilation of four very useful case studies showcasing VOIP in action and adding REAL value to a small business.
InfoWorld writes White found a way to keep up those employee relationships while cutting payroll costs by using XML-enabled Cisco 7970G IP phones with color touchscreens, together with a back-end Cisco Call Manager cluster, Unity server, and IPSession software from IPCelerate, which runs on the same servers as Call Manager. With IPCelerate software and Call Manager, White broadcasts reminders and customer service lessons to all of his stores simultaneously at prescheduled times. “Every morning a broadcast automatically goes out to all the stores saying, √ęGood morning. You should have bread in the proofer, registers should be counted, deli tables should be up, and the Subway sign should be on.’ An employee has to acknowledge that all these things have been done by entering a four digit code into the phone.”