Getting More From Microsoft Office Boosts Productivity

I’ve used Microsoft’s Suite of applications for years – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access and others. Guess what – I still don’t know all there is to know about these powerful programs. Many information workers know enough to get by and do their day to day work – but that’s about it.
Microsoft’s programs can do so much more than most people know about. Imagine what a productivity boost there would be if YOUR employees were trained in getting MORE from the applications they use day in and day out!
There is an entire ecosystem of training you can take to learn more – books, audio, cd’s, in person training and more from all sorts of sources. Microsoft has a free solution for you, which you should also consider.
The Microsoft Office Work Essentials program is part of Microsoft¬?s effort to connect workers with skills training that can help them excel in their jobs by highlighting and training them on the powerful features that can provide real benefits to workers in specific roles.
Rather than treating technology as a one-size-fits-all solution, the Work Essentials team researches the challenges and tasks that professionals in finance, marketing, human resources and many other fields face every day. The team then designs Office-based templates, tools, and other resources to help workers tackle their jobs and get the most of their software. The site includes hundreds of items, from how-to guides to templates to articles from industry experts.
For individuals who use Work Essentials, the increased computer skills they gain can help them get ahead by performing better and even landing better jobs down the line.
The team’s own research with information workers and business decision makers across small, medium and large organizations has validated the idea that workers who are considered to be stars in their companies or on an accelerated career path also tend to be early adopters of the technologies that make them more productive and the people who use these technologies most effectively.
?Both the business decision makers and the information workers themselves noted that there were a number of individuals in their companies who were considered influential because they were perceived to be very effective at their jobs, John Smithwick, group product manager for Microsoft’s Work Essentials team says. Building on the fact that these individuals almost universally are early and effective technology adopters, our goal is to help more people become star performers in their companies.
In carrying out that mission, the Work Essentials site can benefit companies and employees equally. For employees, the correlation has been well established between increased computer skills and workplace success.
And on the organizational level, the site can generate cost savings in training employees and making them more productive with the software tools on their desktops.