Google Maps and How it Can Help Your Business

There’s so many benefits to the Internet that often times it’s really hard to keep up with it all. One benefit is the aspect of using the GLOBAL internet to find LOCAL businesses. Using Google maps, prospective customers can not only read about your business (as they would with traditional Google search) but they can “see” your business on local streets and know how to get their.
As more businesses get online, traditional paper Yellow Pages will be tossed aside in favor of the speed and convenience of online, local search.
Small Business Computing has a great overview of how businesses can use Google Maps and writes When Google Maps returns the results, a listing of all business that fit the search terms appear listed on the left-hand side of the page. A graphical map interface appears to the right of the listings. If you select a text listing on the left you immediately see the location displayed on the graphical map to the right, allowing you to zoom in, scroll around, or even view a satellite image (or hybrid of the satellite image overlaid on the graphical map). From there you can view the business contact information via a marker posted to the map or even print precise driving directions from your own driveway to the selected location.
As millions of people search Google, Yahoo, MSN and others for local businesses to buy products and services from ensure that YOUR business maximizes all the tools you can, like Google maps to be visible to local searches.
Local plumbers, antique shops, pharmacies – EVERYONE needs to have a local presence. Having a web site is one step, being listed on Google, Yahoo and/or MSN maps is another step.
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