Happy Birth Day to CoffeeCup

Software vendor CoffeeCup celebrates its 10th year and I’m happy for them. For the past 10 years CoffeeCup has been a vendor that has consistently produced low cost but such functional and usable software. Here’s more about the company from their web site:
We don’t just make Software, we make Webmasters. What we have done since 1996 is pretty simple. We make software so you can create a Website. If you already have a Website try our Award Winning HTML Editor and other Web Design Software and make your site even better today!
When you Buy our software you get free support and free upgrades for life. We offer help with our software by using Live Chat, E-mail, User Forums and a Great Customer Care Center. No other Web Design software company will go this far.
Software is what POWERS a business is what makes an end user PRODUCTIVE. You can have great hardware but if the software you use sucks you won’t get much of anything useful done.

As evidence to CoffeeCup’s customer focus they have pictures of THEIR customers on their main web site!
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