How Intuit Is Learning from a Community of Customers

Large companies like Intuit can easily get into the rhythm of pumping out products with no real input from customers. However, Intuit instead chooses to LISTEN carefully to its customers. In addition to ensuring that all its executives and I guess other employees have customers as “clients”, Intuit also has an extensive online community.
Business Week writes About a year and a half ago, while listening to call center calls to learn about customer questions, Wilder realized that it would be too expensive to build up an editorial team to answer the breadth of inquiries.
One customer asked whether Intuit had a library of information, and Wilder realized that one way to do that was to create discussion boards where they could centralize the information they have and get customers to help each other with questions.

This community is now made up of 100,000 customers in 50 different categories. Via this community Intuit can QUICKLY learn from its customers.