The Increasing Need for Solution Providers: Connecting the technology dots

At an event Monday in San Francisco, Microsoft plans to showcase a slew of planned products designed to more closely link virtually all workers’ communications, from e-mail and instant messaging to videoconferencing and even traditional telephone calls, reports AP.
While all of this technology linkage is CRITICAL, VERY CRITICAL, small business owners nor there staff can expect to put all the pieces together.
What’s needed, now more than ever, are professionals who can take disconnected solutions and put them together into one seamless package.
The AP writes The idea is that a worker could, for example, receive an e-mail and, instead of responding in print, easily set up a conference call with all the recipients. Those people might even see the e-mail header on their phones, much like you see caller ID today.
When strung together, the so-called Unified Communications products also are designed to help employees immediately get in contact, whether the person they want to reach is sitting at a computer, driving home or on a business trip.

Technology is a TOOL, but if you do not have someone who can help you maximize your use of this tool it’s no good.
At my friend Marian Banker’s, Brain Exchange, last night, I was on a round table of technologists and non-techs. The over-riding theme was that technology is scary and complex. It is. Yet technology play such a crucial role in helping small business owners compete – this working with a local technology consultant is critical.
Your Options?
Independent consultants (such as Microsoft’s army of partners),
Best Buy’s Geek Squad,
services departments of tech vendors like Dell, HP, Gateway and others.