Instant Messaging does not have to be instant insecurity

Instant Message is a POWERFUL and very efficient way to communicate, HOWEVER, it is also a HUGE open door for hackers to invade your network and client computers.
Ensure that your IM strategy is VERY secure. BE VERY careful about allowing consumer IM software on your network, for example. Consider encryption options and if you have to archive IM messages. Make sure employees know how to use IM – not technically but are aware that their IM messages can be monitored.
TechTarget writes For internal IM, make sure to use a single enterprise software application. A popular product in companies of all sizes is Lotus Sametime from IBM. Install it on its own dedicated server, which is tucked deep inside your company’s firewall. Harden that server as you would any other: limit access to authorized users, turn off unnecessary services, install antivirus software and keep its patches up to date. Install the client piece of the product only on desktops that have been equally hardened with up-to-date antiviral protection and host-based firewalls.