iPods for Business. If it’s good for baseball it’s good for YOUR business

Cnn.com reports how Colorado Rockies pitcher Jason Jennings uses an iPod to see videos to help him pitch better. If the Colorado Rockies can do this, YOU can use an iPod in your business too – in so many ways.
I’ve had an iPod for about a month now and fell in love with it – not for the music – but for all the great business podcasts.
If you want to help your employees or your customers get MORE information (for training, about your business, education and many other reasons) why not invest in a few iPods and see if your goal is reached.
Sure, many of your employees will add their own stuff to the iPod – but that’s ok. As long as they subscribe to the “company” channel and hear your daily or weekly training message – for example.
Cnn.com writes Jennings is doing some last-minute cramming: The Rockies’ video staff has downloaded every Marlins hitter into his iPod, and Jennings is figuring out how to pitch to them. He watches frames of himself delivering the pitch, followed by the result of the play. Everything else is weeded out.
“It’s a good way to refresh yourself on how you got guys out,” Jennings said. “It’s an amazing concept.”
The Rockies have taken the iPod beyond entertainment. And the idea has caught on — teams such as Florida and Seattle have called the Rockies to explore their innovative use of the iPod.