Microsoft Office Live – Good Communication

I signed up to try Microsoft’s Office Live a few weeks ago and I’m impressed with their online communication to me. I’ve gotten a few emails to see how things are – just like thousands of others have. I’ve gotten emails giving me traffic reports. With my current ISP you have to manually sign up for it.
It’s still a bit early to tell if Office Live is a “winner” or not, but it’s interface is very good and so that is a LOT going for it. Of course being a part of Microsoft’s family of products can only help.
I received this email from them just now which reads in part:
Thanks once again for your participation in the MicrosoftÆ Office Live Essentials beta program. By now, we hope you’ve experienced first-hand the many ways Microsoft Office Live Essentials can benefit your business – but could it help more? We’d really like to know, so we invite you to take a quick survey to help us make Microsoft Office Live Essentials work even better for your organization.