Microsoft’s Small Business Specialist Community is One Year Old

Microsoft sells a large number of products to small businesses but a year ago it had no method of recognizing the consultants who specialized in providing solutions to small businesses. What it created a year ago was its Small Business Specialist Community Program – a certification program to recognize those consultants who specialize in selling to small businesses.
I’ve worked with many of Microsoft’s Small Business Specialists – they are dedicated and knowledgeable and now through certification can be recognized for it.
Harry Brelsford’s SMB Nation rallies over 600 small business specialists at SMB Nation each year.
Sys-Con Australia writes On the eve of its first anniversary, there are 7,000 Microsoft partners worldwide enrolled in SBSC with more than 29,000 who have started the enrollment process making it one of the most popular offerings in the Microsoft Partner Program.
To achieve the designation and subsequently join the community Microsoft has articulated four steps. First, partners must register in the Microsoft Partner Program and then take and pass one of two Microsoft Certified Professional exams. Step three is to pass the Small Business Sales and Marketing Assessment. Finally, for Registered Members only, partners must subscribe to the Microsoft Action Pack or Microsoft Empower.
Not only are Microsoft’s small business specialists dedicated to the customers but maybe even more important the Microsoft employees who manage this program are more than dedicated to seeing small business consultants businesses grow – hence selling more Microsoft small business focused software.
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