MySpace IS for Small Businesses – What a Joke!!!! (a reader responds)

Last Thursday I posted an article about MySpace NOT being a place for business, although Fortune Magazine aparently thinks it could be a place for small businesses to make some money.
There appears to be evidence to support Fortune’s thinking. One of my readers, James Baussmann, a 27 year PR executive in New York writes of his experience using MySpace and how it was more than just fun and games but generated money.
He writes, I read this post and I felt compelled to respond! Here’s why. One of my new favorite locals bands was in town a couple of weeks ago and on their website they directed fans to go to a MySpace website called “The Booth” to review their full album before it was released.
So I clicked on the link and much to my delight the entire new album was posted for my listening enjoyment. Not only was the album available to listen to, they also had a very thorough BIO about the band itself — which was very interesting to read.
But here’s the business angle. They said if you pre-ordered the album (by clicking on this link), you would get the CD as soon as it drops AND a free t-shirt. Now, I’m not one for buying my music anymore. In fact, I refuse to pay for music (that’s a whole different topic). BUT, they enticed me with the cheap CD price and the offering of a free t-shirt!! After I clicked the link, I was directed to a barebones, e-commerce site where I could place my order.
After I placed my order all I could think to myself was “WOW, I just purchased something through MySpace and not only that, it was something I actually REALLY wanted! I was kind of embarrassed — yet kind of inspired by the whole idea that someone (probably just like me) is going to make this MySpace page an actual lucrative entity!
Anyhow, I realize that the “business” I am talking about is still “just” music-centric and consumer oriented at the root of it…but you cannot deny that it is still a business. I think that given a little more time, other MySpace sites will pop up just like this one.
After doing a little digging. The website that I was redirected to (Via The Booth) to purchase the cd and free t-shirt was: Apparently they have to do with Filter Magazine. I’m almost positive that “The Booth” MySpace page was created by Filter Magazine.

What James’ response shows me is that although MySpace is more for “teens” and entertainment, why MySpace “could” become a place for business is that any business could use MySpace tools to create a “cool” presence online for their customers just like eBay or a blogging tool is used.
I really don’t see a law firm setting up a MySpace site, BUT I don’t see why a more consumer focused company wouldn’t, couldn’t or shouldn’t. It’s all about going where your customers are.

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