New Dell Servers Have Better Management Tools & Faster Processors

Ideally speaking you want your servers to sit in a room and like a good bar of soap not say anything or do anything you don’t want it to do. You just want it to work and hum quietly. Servers, like PC’s are on an evolutionary course to get better – faster chips and better management features.
Dell’s new servers are an example of this.
Cnet writes The new PowerEdge servers make up Dell’s second batch of products that use dual-core Xeon chips from Intel, but the earlier generation of servers, based on a chip code-named Paxville, weren’t expected to be mass-market products. The PowerEdge 1950, 2900 and 2950, based on Intel’s latest Xeon processor, known as Dempsey, will become the new bedrocks of Dell’s server lineup.
As the new PC’s coming out will use more powerful chips from Intel or AMD, new servers will also be more powerful. The addition is that your next server will probably have better management features.
Dell’s new servers, for example, Cnet writes further For example, Dell has installed an LCD screen on the front of the new servers. The screen can be programmed to display status messages or error warnings so technicians get can a clear picture of a pending problem without having to return to a management console, Anderson said.
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