The New Security Threat: Focused Moves from Microsoft Windows to Online Applications

For years we’ve been told over and over again to update the patches on our Windows computer, upgrade our anti-virus programs and all sorts of other precautions. The big fear has been holes in Microsoft Windows.
However, the newest emerging security threat is coming via the online web sites (email, social networking, and more) that many of use are using more and more. The Internet is now the “application” – network centric computing is on the rise and hackers are going to be there too, to infect your computer, steal your data and hack into your finances as much as they can.
The Associated Press writes The attacks come as Microsoft Corp., whose Windows operating system runs about 90 percent of the world’s computers, has plugged many of the most easily exploited holes in its e-mail program, browser and other products following dozens of embarrassing breaches over the past several years.
They also come amid the growing popularity of online communities such as and of Web-based calendar, messaging and other services offered by Google, Yahoo and others.
As larger audiences flock to Web sites that run on ever more powerful programming scripts, malware writers are finding them fertile ground.

As you use MySpace, PayPal and other online applications it’s vital that you pay VERY special attention to ensuring that a hacker is not infecting your computer system.
Of course, still ensure your operating system is updated on a daily basis, keep your anti-virus software current and ensure you have a firewall on your PC (a personal firewall) and a firewall appliance on your network’s edge.
It goes without saying – backup your data so when there is a problem you can get your data back quickly.