Put Your Face (or logo) on a Stamp

Pitney Bowes announced its new Stamp Expressions Printer which enables you to print a cutom image or one supplied by them on a postage stamp.
The Pitney Bowes technology enables customers to securely print postage on-demand with unique images in their home or office. The new technology marries the security of traditional postage metering systems with the web-based capability of creating unique images on postage.
If you are looking for a way to enhance the “image” of your business PB’s solution might be for you.
Imagine that you are a small law firm and send out letters to your clients. What a surprise (hopefully pleasant) it will be to have your face on the letter you send them!
The Stamp Expressions(TM) Printer’s web-based software makes it easy to design one’s own postage images. Images can be submitted for online approval with a response delivered usually within one business day. Once approved, the postage can be downloaded and printed instantly. Approved images can be used repeatedly without an additional cost.
The small (4″ high and 4.5″ wide), portable Stamp Expressions(TM) Printer contains tamperproof security that also allows for offline printing of postage. Customers have the option of creating their own postage images, or selecting images from an extensive web-based library of nearly 200 different designs with categories including special events and holidays, general business messages, and industry-specific promotional packs.