SAP Business One – 10,000 customers and growing

SAP makes software that powers many Fortune 500 business operations. SAP’s software helps airlines, manufacturers, mining companies, universities, insurance companies and so many others manage their business operations. SAP’s software modules include customer relations, supply chain management, manufacturing and more.
Over 3 years ago, SAP Business One was launched and is a powerful, yet scaled down version of SAP’s larger package – designed specifically for smaller businesses. SAP’s mySAP All-in-One is designed for larger businesses and SAP Business One, a simpler version of SAP All-in-One, works right out of the box and is designed for even smaller businesses.
SAP Business One celebrated it’s 10,000 customer this month.
According to SAP, SAP Business One allows business owners to achieve an up-to-date and unified view of their operations, improve business-process efficiency and take advantage of growth opportunities. SAP Business One can be deployed rapidly, providing instantaneous access to critical business information through intuitive, easy to use reporting and drill down capabilities. With more than 1,211 business partners, 250 industry- and process-specific scenarios and add-ons, and nearly 40 country versions, SAP Business One is helping 10,000 companies worldwide seamlessly link with customers and suppliers and with parent companies using mySAP¬? Business Suite applications.
In order to really GROW your business it is vital that you have an overall view of its operations. You can’t have silos of information with business units not being able to share customer information and manufacturing not able to link with sales.
SAP, NetSuite, Quickbooks Enterprise, Microsoft (a number of solutions) and other vendors, all have solutions to help smaller businesses keep their eye on their entire business and make profitable business decisions.