SearchSMB’s Comprehensive SpyWare Guide

If you want to learn all about SpyWare, has a VERY good guide on it. What they’ve done is pulled together a wide range of articles and resources on the subject into one easy to find place. It’s very good.
The guide includes:
Spyware Basics:
* Top 10 spyware threats
* Malware and virus protection
* Spyware glossary
Understanding spyware
* Beware of spyware everywhere
* Spyware Survey: Coming to terms with the problem
* Spyware: Bigger concern than IT admins realize
* Separating ‘bad’ spyware from ‘good’
* There is no anti-spyware silver bullet
Spyware prevention
* Survey: Women more likely to download spyware
* Researching traces of malware or spyware
* Book chapter: The spyware menace
* Spyware responsibilities: From user to admin
* Security awareness training: How to educate employees about spyware
Spyware tools
* Security Bytes: Coalition establishing spyware blacklist
* Vendors to stave off spyware scanning surprises
* SMB Buying Decisions: Antispyware offerings aplenty
* Microsoft security tools vs. third party
Get it here.