Sidekick’s Newest…

I have not heard much about the Sidekick as I guess the Palm Treo and BlackBerry’s were taking all the media ink. However, I was pleasantly surprised to read a PC Magazine article on the Sidekick 3.
PC Magazine writes Think of it as the Sidekick 2 Ω. After an 18-month wait, the T-Mobile Sidekick 3 slims down the hip handheld, bumps up the camera resolution, and adds an MP3 player. Although there are no breathtaking new features, the SK3 continues the Sidekick reign as the most usable, cuddly e-mail device aroundótruly, wireless e-mail and IM for dummies.
At the Taste of Technology at Lunchtime with Microsoft, Best Buy and the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce and at today’s small business event (last in a series) by the 14th Union Square Partnership I spoke about mobile technology.