Skype is Wonderful – Especially with WiFi

Yesterday I’m sitting in a meeting a large office building, killing time waiting to leave to catch my train. I wanted to call someone, but didn’t want to waste my cell phone minutes and could not use the phone in the building to dial long distance. Guess what – using WiFi I logged onto Skype and made a FREE call.
Skype has ushered in so many useful features, not the least of which is FREE phone calls for smaller businesses all over the world.
In addition to providing small businesses with cheap ¬? mostly free ¬? phone calls and video conferencing, Skype for Business offers enhanced services for Skype such as conference calls, application/ document sharing, collaboration.
Skype for business is ideal for organizations of all shapes and sizes, especially those who have 50 or fewer employees; conduct business abroad; or are just focused on lowering the bottom line. Now that all North American Skype calls are free, small business owners can save on operation costs. In addition to Skype¬?s features, there are many hardware products from companies like Polycom and Plantronics, designed to fit the needs of small business
Some of the features of Skype for Business include:
Free conference calling for up to 500 people through Vapps
Free calls anywhere in the U.S. or Canada
Free video conferencing
Saved chat histories
Group chat up to 50 people
According to Skype¬?s research more than 30 percent of its 100+ million users utilize Skye for their small business needs. Please let me know if you¬?d be interested in speaking with a current small business user who can discuss Skype¬?s immediate effect on their business or an executive from Skype. You can also learn more and give Skype for Business a try at