Three Myths on Boosting Search-Engine Rankings

When you are looking to boost your web sites rankings on search engines in order to get more traffic there’s the right way and the wrong way to do it. You can waste a lot of money hiring some fast talking company to put your search engine on the top 500 web sites. But guess what most people only go to a handful…Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, and others. helps you navigate search-engine rankings and writes Dori Hession says she learned an expensive lesson when launching her wedding-services business in 2000. She paid $8,000 in total to two companies that she says promised to put her South Lake Tahoe, Calif., outfit at the top of search-engine listings for searches on popular phrases such as “California weddings” and keep them high. In each case, her site’s ranking rose to the top at first, she says, “then all of a sudden it would be gone for a month or longer…When you fall off the search engines, you’re gone. You’re out of business.
The three myths are:
Myth 1. You can be guaranteed consistently high rankings.
Myth 2. I need to submit my Web site to every search engine out there.
Myth 3. Repeating keywords will increase my site’s rankings.