Ultraportable Laptop Mania – Computer on the Light Side of Life

Notebook computers are wonderful tools and fortunately there’s a LOT of choices. IF you are always on the run and need to computer but want to keep your back healthy get a VERY light notebook – like 4lbs or less.
Long batter life? Power? Features? What’s most important to you?
PC Magazine writes The ideal ultraportable’s weight hovers around 3-4 pounds with a 12 to 13 inch display. Often times, vendors will ship systems with extended batteries. You’ll notice those by how they stick out from the back of the unit. Although they add slightly to the system weight they have the ability to improve battery life immensely.

Lenovo’s ThinkPad X60’s won the review. I’m using a Gateway right now and there’s other notebooks that are well made as well – HP, Toshiba, Dell.
It really depends on which one is for YOU! Ask friends, go to your local retail store and try them out for yourself.
Read the full PC Magazine article here.