VOIP: FREE Guide – What Your Business Needs to Know

If you want to save money on your telephone calls you know what you MUST consider – getting a VOIP (Voice Over the Internet) telephone system. VOIP provider Fonality and a sponsor of smallbiztechnology.com has a FREE guide which helps guide you through what VOIP means for YOUR business.
Inside it includes the following sections:
– On the rise despite shortcomings
Despite a few shortcomings, which every day are become less and less as VOIP gets getter VOIP is quickly growing for businesses
– What Makes VOIP Vulnerable
VOIP is based on technology that was NOT meant for voice. This section gives you a detailed overview of what VOIP is and how it works
– Why Your Network is Important
If you have a slow network or one where uses are complaining about data quality now, you should NOT add VOIP to it. Fonality’s white paper says why.
-Four ways to get VOIP
The white paper gives four ways you can get voip from the Best and Most Expensive to the “I really want cheap” way
There’s more. Check it out yourself here.