W A R N I N G – Viruses, malicious code and etc are on the RISE. E D U C A T E your employees.

I know, I sound like a dooms-day prophet, but what I’m telling you is no joke. YOU MUST be forever vigilant of your computer systems and ensure they are protected. If you’re computer gets infected with malicious code you might not be able to recover your data.
eWeek writes Since the first iteration of Microsoft’s Malicious Software Removal Tool (MSRT), in January 2005, Microsoft has removed 16 million instances of malicious software from 5.7 million unique Windows machines. On average, the tool removes at least one instance of a virus, Trojan, rootkit or worm from every 311 computers it runs on.
The most significant threat is clearly from back door Trojans, small programs that allow remote attackers to have unauthorized access to compromised computers.
MSRT has removed at least one Trojan from about 3.5 million unique computers. Of the 5.7 million infected Windows machines, about 62 percent were found to have a Trojan or bot.

Last night I was helping my Sister-in-law know how to use her computer – she knows absolutely ZERO about using the Internet, how to play a CD – NOTHING. Imagine the millions of users like her how innocently click on an online “game” and get infected.
Guess what, one of these “sisters-in-law” could be your employee.
It is so important to TRAIN each employee in the basics of computer security. Ask your local solution provider to help.