What Happens When You Don’t Use Protection?

If you ever wondered if we who encourage you to use security tools like firewalls, anti-virus tools and the like on your PCs are a bit crazy, maybe you should know what happens to a PC with NO protection.
Wired Magazine’s Steve Knopper left his PC with NO protection and clicked on every email offer, spam and and pop-up he could find. On day 12-18 here’s what happened:
Day 12: Upon firing up the computer, I get six Internet Explorer pop-ups, one WhenUWin Sweepstakes, and one The Best Offers. McAfee VirusScan says I have 25 potentially unwanted files, including W32/Netsky.q@MM!zip and two other viruses. SaferScan finds 1,002 porn files on my hard drive, and my Yahoo Mail inbox has 200 brand-new messages with subject lines like ?Tired of dating games?
Day 18: I take the Dell to Best Buy’?s Geek Squad and tell a technician that I’?m having a bit of trouble with it. Less than four hours later I get a call back from Carla. She declares it a total loss and advises wiping the hard drive and restoring it with system disks. The tech ran a couple of virus scans,? she says. ?One kept beeping so much that he had to just turn it off. Ah, that’s the stuff.

So if you want to ensure your PC will run and run well – protect if from the online world.
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