When Your Computer Crashes – You CAN Still Get Your Data

Most backup solutions help you backup your data to the Internet or some removable media like CD or DVD. However, when you have your notebook computer on the road, away from the office, but maybe in a hotel room in some far away state or country you might not be able to access the data you have so carefully backed up. What to do?

In this case, it’s great when the data you backed up is already on your hard disk – but in a hidden partition. This is exactly the solution that FarStone’s RestoreIT offers.
Their web site reads RestoreIT 7 automatically backs up all files on a hard drive, enabling you, in case of a virus or hacker attack, a software failure, or a problem caused by human error, to roll back your system to the point where it was last working. Since it loads before Windows, RestoreIT will recover all files, system and personal, even when Windows does not boot.
RestoreIT makes data recovery quick, easy, painless, and accurate. You can search for and preview backup versions of files in a Windows-like interface. System recovery returns every file on your hard drive to a chosen point, while file-level recovery lets you restore select versions of personal files, leaving the rest of your system untouched.