Windows Vista – It’s going to be a good upgrade

I’m excited about the launch of Windows Vista in 2007 more than the launch of Microsoft Office. With Microsoft Office if all you do is the “basics” you can get by with the version of Office you have. Of course for power users of Office who do things other than just type a simple memo but really maximize all of the power of Office, YOU might want to look into Microsoft Office 2007.

Windows Vista
will make your computing experience better. Whether you are a basic or advanced user you’ll find that Windows Vista has something for everyone. Like previous Windows upgrades you MIGHT have to upgrade your hardware (or get a new computer) in order to run Windows Vista. It’s going to need plenty of hard disk space, fast processor, RAM and a powerful graphics card to run smoothly. Anything less will be like frozen syrup in Siberia.
NY Times writer David Progue writes about it here. In short, though.
– It’s great-looking and filled with nifty features writes David. If you like how clean and cool looking a Mac is, you’ll like Windows Vista
– Vista will be MORE secure, but David advises that you should expect to be interrupted more often to be asked to allow or deny a particular action.