The world of VERY tiny notebooks

Next week I’ll be covering C3 Expo (well one day of coverage but coverage none-the-less). I don’t relish carrying a notebook al over Jacob Javits convention center but it’s the best tool for the job. While a slick device like Samsung’s Q1 (left) would be nice sometimes you really need the full power of a larger notebook (full keyboard, full screen…) and can’t get real work done an a “micro” device.
Right now I’m using a 5lb (or so) Gateway – real nice, wide screen.
Cnet has put together a review of ultra-mobile notebooks (as in 3lbs) and these guys are fast but small and makes you think you are not carrying all that much with you.
If you find that when you travel you need to work, just like you are in your office, one of the best solutions is a full, but very light (3lbs or less) notebook computer. Make sure it comes with great warranty and that it has all the features you need (CD/DVD; enough ports and the right ports and etc).
Always make sure you backup your work and ENCRYPT your data (if needed) so that if your notebook is stolen the data on it is useless to the thieves or who the thieves sell your notebook to.
Cnet writes For starters, we couldn’t get comfortable with the Q1’s onscreen keyboard (and there are six from which to choose). Then its performance failed to impress, and the battery conked out before the three-hour mark. We might be able to live with its poky performance, but the dismal battery life is a deal breaker.