Allworx – Voip and Telephone Answering System

Allworx provides VOIP telephony for small businesses and their newest offering is a PC based answering solution. I know I just posted about Gotvmail’s service and there’s so many others for very small businesses, such as TalkSwitch and BizFon. Of course, if you are looking to replace your phone system, M5 is who you need to call.
Like purchasing any other technology you simply have to consider YOUR needs, YOUR budget and THEIR support to come up with a perfect solution. Allworkx has a range of features and solutions – you just have to pick the one for you.
Allworx provides your office with VOIP service, VOIP phones and a PC based call answering system. Like TalkSwitch, you could setup Allworx to receive a call into NY, route it via the Internet to a Dallas office (a free call).
There’s a lot of features that Allworx has, you can check their web site on your own.