AUDIO Interview: NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson

Hear Zach Nelson, NetSuite CEO, interview with Ramon Ray,
Interview summary:
NetSuite reliability – Zach speaks about the reliability of NetSuite and how NetSuite guarantees it’s customers 99% uptime. If NetSuite fails this promise, the customer gets a month free. Keep in mind, however, that many things are outside of Netsuite’s control such as the reliability of the customer’s own network or the Internet overall. Many of NetSuite’s customers have a backup Internet connection.
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Interestingly, many of NetSuite’s New Orleans customers had their businesses continue running as their data was NOT affected by the storm since it was already off site, hosted by NetSuite.
QuickBooks vs NetSuite – Zach candidly realizes that many businesses will go into their local store and buy a copy of Quickbooks to start their business. This is fine with him. However, as their business grows they are going to want something more robust. Zach pokes fun at QuickBooks Enterprise a bit and says that QBE has a limit of 20 users, not 21, but 20. (or whatever the user limit is).
E-Tailers – NetSuite has about 2,000 etailers amongst its 7,00 customers as it offers an integrated experience through their web site to backoffice operations. This is not easy to do with several not-connected software applications. With NetSuite it’s much easier to deliver an like transaction experience, said Zach.
With so many features in NetSuite, how can users take advantage of it all?
The NetSuite product line is segmented vertically for software companies, wholesaler/distributor and service companies for example. This is one way that NetSuite is making it easier for companies to use its products. In addition, NetSuite offers training and an easy to use interface.
Making it easy to switch – One reason companies or even consumers do not switch from what they are used to is the pain and frustration to move from what you have to something new. Think about banking – what a pain it is to move from your current bank, even if you are not happy with it. You’ve got to change accounts, get new credit cards and etc.
NetSuite makes the migration from QuickBooks very simple. Zach explains that bringing over CRM data, sales is easy. But the more difficult part is bringing over the transactional data of QuickBooks, Peachtree, Great Plains and other applications.
This migration gives customers an opportunity to clean data and establish better business processes, etc
Customization – There are multiple levels of customization in NetSuite from its dashboard to its overall user interface (colors, etc). One can also easily add specific fields to forms. If you need to do a bit of custom programming it can be done via basic Javascript commands. Other applications like SAP and Peoplesoft force you to know their specific scripting languages.
About Web 2.0 – Zach says that NetSuite was Web 2.0 before there was web 2.0. As NetSuite has evolved it’s becoming more and more like a software application. Instead of waiting for the entire screen to refresh, for example, using Ajax, individual components of the screen can be refreshed.