The Calendar Planner – Keep on Schedule

Calendars are a must for smaller businesses – as we need to ensure we know what we are doing from day to day. Furthermore, it’s important that our co-workers and partners know our schedule as well – as we give them permission.
Reel Logix’s The Calendar Planner offers a solution.
Their web site reads The Calendar Planner Standard Edition packs power and flexibility into an affordable, visually appealing scheduling calendar designed to meet the productivity needs of individuals or small to large business use. If you need to share scheduling information via a network or the web; plan activates with reminders for daily tasks, meetings and appointments; schedule or track employees and resources; manage events, projects and people – The Calendar Planner Standard Edition is for you.
There’s many solutions for shared or individual calendaring from your PDA’s calendar to Microsoft Outlook and other solutions. Many other email servers offer a shared calendar system as well.