The Case for Basic Web Sites for Local Retailers

With so many people having fancy web sites that can jump, dance, skip and holler – you might wonder if there’s any need for you to have a “basic” web site. Basic web site meaning a simple web site with basic contact information about your company. There is.
Even if you are a local, retail business like a locksmith, for example, you should definitely have a simple web site, but also have some information on basic security tips for the home or business.
By extending your brand even further to enable customers to buy online or fill out a form you can get more business.
Webdesign.ducttapemarketing writes For instance, no one is willing to travel to a small town to buy a herbal remedy, however, people would LOVE to have access to the unique skill and homemade blends that customer 1 offers. The solution: Set up an online shop. Give all the customers who currently rave about the products a few business cards each and let them pass them onto friends who can access those same products offline.
Sometimes it’s a matter of figuring out what your business does. Yes locksmiths install locks one off. But the real money comes from fitting out homes/businesses with complete security systems. They already notice a surge in calls from homeowners before every holiday. Solution: Create a website around home/workplace safety. offer advice on security and information about complete security packages. That’s what people will take the time to look up, and while they are doing it, your credibility as a locksmith is rising.