Email is so “last millennium”. WRONG!

Email is one of the most powerful communication vehicles for businesses – especially small businesses. However, the Associated Press feels that email is now “old school” and instant messaging and RSS feeds are the “in thing”.
While RSS and IM is growing in use and VERY popular, I use both tools. By no means is email a dying communication tool.
The AP writes ?In this world of instant gratification, e-mail has become the new snail mail, says 25-year-old Rachel Quizon from Norwalk, Calif. She became addicted to instant messaging in college, where many students are logged on 24/7.
When using technology make sure that you are NOT swayed by the last media report or claim of fad and hype. If you let the fads of technology lead you, you’ll end of having technology drive your business, instead of your business driving technology.
Instant Messaging has its place and is GREAT for instant communication. However, let’s NOT forget that email can be easily archived. Email enables a record to be easily kept of who said what and when.