File Engine – Complete Backup, Recovery and Remote Support

There are a LOT of data protection solutions on the market including software solutions you can install yourself on each computer. There’s solutions that operate on your server and backup your clients and server. You also have online backup options as well. There’s many solutions and all have pros and cons. Another important aspect for smaller businesses is file servers – you’ve got 10, 20, 30 computers in a company and all your staff need to share files from a common drive.
You need both a reliable file sharing solution and a robust solution to make sure the data on your server and clients are safe.
A very compelling solution you should know about is File Engine, from Server Partner’s LLC. I’ve been reading about their solution and going back and forth with Kim Brand, Managing Partner about it and I’d like to share it with you.
File Engine is a Linux based server which stores your files and backs up your data. However, the really cool and value added feature is that for one monthly fee ($235/month for 10 users or $251/month for 20 users) it does quite a bit more. In fact Kim says, “FileEngine is really more of a service – delivered with what looks like a server.”.
Here’s what you get with FileEngine:
– FileEngine will deliver & install your server
– Remotely monitor and administer it
– If it breaks, it will be replaced
– No repair bills, no per user costs
– An Uninteruptible Power Supply (UPS) (if your power fails you’ll have time to shut down FileEngine without losing data)
– Redundant hard drives to minimize data loss (if one hard disk fails the other one keeps working and has your back up data – a backup of a backup!)
FileEngine can be a file server or you can use it as a “domain controller” to manage your network users as well.
FileEngine’s backup includes 2 weeks worth of “snapshots” so you can roll back to up to two weeks worth of work, not just the last backup.
Check out FileEngine for your business and/or work with your local solution provider to have him install it for you.