Free Email Protection + Outlook email hosting from SingleFin

I have not quite figured out what the catch is, but SingleFin is offering what appears to be a pretty robust email solution. FREE managed email protection. They are also offering free Microsoft Outlook hosting as well. Why is this second bit of news powerful. Many small businesses want to use Microsoft Exchange so that they can have the full features of Microsoft Oulook – shared calendars and things. But it costs a lot (in staffing) to manage MS Exchange. SingleFin now offers this for free, competing directly with long time Exchange host MI8

Their web site reads – In order for budget-squeezed small business owners and web entrepreneurs to effectively protect themselves from spam and viruses, Singlefin has released the world’s first 100% free, enterprise-class protection solution. The solution is a sub-set of Singlefin’s Global Gateway Enterprise Email Filter, a subscription service which currently protects 7.5 million end users, including all of NetZero and Juno. Singlefin “Lite” delivers a zero-maintenance, zero-cost solution for small businesses that simply can’t afford thousands of dollars worth of hardware or software. There are no minimums or maximums for Singlefin “Lite”óany company with a resolvable DNS is welcome to enable it.