FREE Internet Access in NYC Parks

In NYC there’s a lot of WiFi networks, but many of these networks are pay for use – such as those owned by Starbucks. I’m glad to know that NYC is now wiring many parks in NYC with FREE WiFi. Unfortunately, in the winter time – it’s going to be quite a COLD Internet access.
News Factor writes By the end of August, wireless Relevant Products/Services from HP networks will be established at 18 locations in 10 of New York’s most prominent parks, including Central Park, in a major citywide expansion of free Internet access, according to city officials.
The development would end months of delay for a city project that has faced considerable logistical and technical hurdles since it was announced in June 2003.
Wi-Fi Salon, a small start-up company that won the contract for the work in October 2004, said Wednesday that Nokia, the Finnish cellphone maker, had signed on as a sponsor.