Getting Technologists to Communicate with End Users

Technology is WONDERFUL, but the reason it often does not work “as advertised” is that those USING the technology (those who have the problems) are not communicating enough with those who have the technology solutions and vice versa. Instead of taking the time to UNDERSTAND the problem some technology solution providers want to rush in with a “solution” that does not address the problem.
Dennis Kennedy, one of the blogs of Duct Tape Marketing writes Bridging the Widening Communications Gap Between Lawyers and IT Departments: Some Simple Starting Strategies
We are finding that moving technology projects forward in law firms is not as much about hardware and software as it is about trying to get lawyers and IT departments to communicate in ways they can each understand.
Lawyers and IT people will universally agree that there is a wide communication gap between them. As firms try to bridge that gap, they may well find that the key to getting lawyers and IT departments together in the role legal administrators can play in the process because they have learned, sometimes painfully, to communicate with both groups.