GreenBorder – Virtual Fence for Your Web Browsing

The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg reviewed a new security tool, GreenBorder. GreenBorder runs your web browser (Internet Explorer) inside of a virtual environment so that any viruses or other malicious codes/files that try to infect your computer stay inside this virtual environment. When your close your web browser the entire environment is purged.
Mossberg writes With this product, called GreenBorder Pro, any malicious software you pick up is trapped in a computing environment — called a virtual session — that exists only inside the fence and can’t affect any key files or settings outside.
Once you quit the browser, this virtual session simply disappears, along with any bad stuff that has collected within it. Your files and settings remain unaffected. You can even purge the bad stuff from the virtual environment at any time by clicking on a command called Clean and Reset GreenBorder.
For instance, inside a GreenBorder Pro session, you might get infected with a “browser hijacker,” a spyware program that permanently changes your browser’s home page and search page to sites operated by sleazy companies. But once you quit the browser, or click on Clean and Reset, the hijacking effects disappear.