HP’s Lisa Baker On Mobile Computing and Technology Overall

Lisa Baker, HP’s Director of Small and Medium Business Marketing recently gave me an overview of how HP sees the small business technology market.
HP is uniquely positioned amongst its fellow PC vendors to have a full suite of solutions for businesses – especially small businesses. Notebooks, desktops, mobile devices, consulting solutions, networking accessories and much more.
Although HP is a VERY large company it keeps its finger on the pulse of small businesses and relies on focus groups, technology research companies and other sources of information to know how small business work and think.
HP’s found that a number of small businesses are replacing desktop computers with mobile computers. A desktop computer can only do ONE thing. Sit on your desk. A mobile computer, be it a notebook or PDA has multiple functionality and above all can be carried with you from client to client, meeting to meeting, office to home.
30% of small businesses are planning on replacing their current PC. I just got three new Dell computers and migrated the contents of the old computers to the new computers.
Although 82% of small businesses still have an inkjet, there’s a 6pt increase in the use of multi-function computers.
Two of the biggest things that will drive small business efficiency is hosted applications, but this can only be powered with high-speed networks. Small businesses realize the power of hosted applications – HP’s research shows that at least 70% of small businesses are using broadband.
HP’s end to end business protection addresses three security threats – security protection, IT data loss/compliance and viruses. If you want to find out more about these solutions check out HP’s Security & Business Protection solutions portal here.
Security is so important and it’s something that is best left to a professional. Not that you have to pay regular consulting fees but at least have a security vulnerability assessment done. HP has an assessment service you might want to consider, which includes:
Security architecture and policy review
Penetration test of perimeter systems
Wireless security review
Discovery and recommendations report
Best practices sharing
Security patch strategies – available only for enhanced services