I dropped my Gateway notebook and need a cell phone

Well it finally happened – I dropped my trust Gateway notebook (wide screen, 80GB, Intel Centrino 2.0Ghz processes and 500MB of RAM. It’s not broken (quite chipped) but it’s time to consider getting another one. I also am going to get a new cell phone (I think). The dilemma – what to get?
Should I go with Dell, HP, IBM, Toshiba – or another Gateway. The Gateway’s I have had so far have served me quite well, but for some reason after a few months/years of use, the adapter gets VERY hot and the notebook shuts off due to excessive heat. Not all the time but enough so I’m not sure if I come back from a meeting if my notebook will have shut off or not.
I like the full size keyboard of the Gateway I have (15″ or so) but I think I’d prefer something around 3lbs as opposed to 5 – 6lbs. Any suggestions?