Keeping Updates, Updated Automatically

Since “bad people” are always thinking of the best ways to do the most damage to your technology YOU MUST ensure that you regularly update your software and hardware. When vendors create a new patch, you should ensure you have it installed.
Updating is not just for better security but to reduce glitches, improve usage and update features.
This process, however, can take a lot of time (that you don’t have) and furthermore, you might miss an important update.
InfoWorld reviews Kace’s KBOX which can help Through an amalgamation of policies, network scanning, and centralized update and patch databases, KBOX v2.1 takes care of your hardware and application maintenance duties. The appliance mixes software pushes and updates with compliance checking at varying levels of intrusiveness. For example, you can force the users to wait while you complete a compliance scan, or you can make the scan an optional task that must be completed by a certain date.