Liferro – More Applications For Business Management

Liferro offers a nice suite of online applications for sales, contacts, marketing and so much more. For $30 per month you get services similar to HyperOffice, WebExOne and There’s SO many choices we small businesses have in choosing which software or online applications we want to use to run our businesses.
Fortunately many of these services come with trial offers.
It can be very hard to find differentiating features of these services but there’s no reason why you can’t manage your data better with services that keep your data in one place.
Some things you MUST keep in mind are:
– how does it work with your existing data
– do you want to move data over to the new system or have them separate (but integrated)
– is the interface easy to use
– will your staff use the new system
– can it integrate with other systems
– will the system let you expand – does it grow with you