Motorola Q? Treo? BlackBerry?

Now that I’ve used the Motorola Q for about 2 weeks now, I’m really falling in love with it. I’ve used the Treo (both Windows and Palm versions) and BlackBerry and I think that one must FIRST think about two things – do you want Windows or not.
If having a Windows based smartphone is important to you then having the Treo 700w or Motorola Q is a no brainer. If it’s a matter of first and foremost wanting a way to type email messages, the BlackBerry’s keyboard is BEST.
USA Today has a review of the Q and writes While the Moto Q may not quite measure up to 007’s gee-whiz standards, it is a worthy rival to BlackBerrys and the latest Palm Treo 700w or 700p smartphones, especially for those turned off by the Treo’s lofty prices. Moto Q costs $200 after a $100 instant rebate, with a two-year Verizon contract. That’s half what the Treo fetches. At $80 to $170, monthly voice and data plans aren’t cheap, however.
The Q weighs just over 4 ounces, more than 2 ounces less than the chubbier Treos, though it’s a tad wider. Q has a large, lovely color display (320 by 240 pixels) that’s not quite as bright as the Treo 700p’s.