Network Enable Your Label Printer with Sieko and Silex Technology America

Seiko Instruments makes a line of label printers ideal for those times when you don’it need a full sheet of labels but only want one or a few. Maybe you need several but want them to just come off a role, ready to stick on something. With traditional USB devices, such as a label printer, you buy one printer and connect it to one computer for one person to use.
Seiko and Silex have partnered together (co-marketing deal) to enable Silex Technology wired and wireless printer servers to enable Sieko’s label printers to be shared resources on a LAN.
The Silex wired and wireless print servers, the SX-1000U and SX-2000WG respectively, can quickly convert Seiko Instruments’ Smart Label Printers into shared resources on an 802.11b/g WLAN.
No longer does your label printer (or other resources for that matter) have to be chained to one desk or to a wire. You can enable everyone in your office to use it – saving you money and increasing your efficiency.