Nitix: Looking for a Server. Nitix is simple, feature rich and cost effective

There’s several choices you have to manage your business network. Microsoft’s Small Business Server, Novell’s Linux Small Business Suite, Nitix (which I’ll have more on later) and I’m sure others. Why does it matter what kind of server you have? A server is what ensures that your company’s computer systems are linked together. It manages your user logons (makes sure the right people access the right files), helps share files, printers and Internet access and more. There’s two parts to a “server”.
The hardware component itself and the software (such as those listed above) – these make up your server.
Going back to Nitix, CRN writes Linux vendors selling small-business servers must go the extra mile to simplify the OS experience, and the CRN Test Center engineers have never seen it done as well as Net Integration Technologies and its Nitix Linux OS.
The beauty of the Nitix server is that system builders and solution providers do not need to learn Linux. This automation makes it one of the most ideal Linux small-business servers the Test Center engineers have seen on the market.
Nitix has a built-in autonomic code to take corrective actions typically performed by administrators. This scanning technology is called NetIntelligence and during initial installs, it completely simplifies configuration.

Since many of the servers have very similar costs, I wouldn’t start comparing prices, but what’s most important is to ensure the server has the features you need. It’s ALSO very important to ensure that you have support for it. Ideally your local solution provider is the best option for support.