A Primer About Intel’s New Chips

Pentium is now….old school….Intel has introduced a new line of processors Core 2 Duo. There’s three different classes of processors in Intel’s new line, PC Magazine writes Conroe (desktops), Merom (notebooks), and Woodcrest (workstation/servers). All are based on Intel’s Core technologies, and all three are 64-bit-capable dual-core processors with shared enhancements.
When buying a computer, be it a desktop or notebook computer, as best you can, get the fastest processor within your budget and most memory possible (I’d say 1GB is perfect for now and the future 2 – 3 (or more) years. Although it’s really not necessary to know the details of processors it is good to have a basic knowledge of processors overall.
When buying a server, work with your solution provider to ensure that the processor in your server can sufficiently power it now and in the future.