Putting Data Online? eUnifyDB Provides A Feature Rich & Economical Solution

Do you remember when your local network was the center of the universe? Everything you did was placed on the server. While this method of thinking and running your business is important it’s getting more and more important to place your information online on the network of networks. This is important NOT just for a web site, but so your CUSTOMERS, EMPLOYEES and PARTNERS can easily access the information they need quickly and easily. eUnifyDB has an updated solution that offers a lot of features you need to host and manage a simple or complex database, at an attractive price.
At $70 per month for 5 users, eUnifyDB , has a full fledged notification system, so that when content is updated or changed the right person knows about it via their email. Your workflow problems just might vanish with this feature.
Making web site forms can be challenging depending on how complex they are. The other challenge is MANAGING your web form content. EunifyDB has a form router which can help take the complexity away from having to design your own web based forms.
I’ve played around with eUnifyDB and found it to be amazingly feature rich and similar to Gmail and the new versions of Yahoo mail and Hotmail, it feels quite like a PC application.
If you are considering if you need a hosted database such as eUnifyDB or a traditional desktop database like FileMaker or Microsoft Access the choice is not always clear.
For those who want to have a pure online solution and want their data online “now”, a hosted database is the fastest and easiest way to go, but you’ll pay monthly fees. FileMaker is a PC based program whose database can be moved online but you’ll have to have a server or publish the database file on your web site through the program. An online database is already living online so there’s no need for your own server or intermediate steps to move data from your PC to the Internet.
QuickBase, from Intuit, is another online database. It has similar features to Eunifydb but costs about $150 more per month for 10 users.
A blend of hosted (online) databases and desktop databases can work as well. You’ll find that for some uses, FileMaker Pro or Access are best for your needs. Everything is on your network (on your premises) and fast. For other needs, maybe you need to quickly share information with a global or multi-state workforce, an online database could be better.
See my review of FileMaker 8.5 here.