RedRoller – Shipping Packages Does not have to be a price guessing game

If you peak into the thousands of small businesses across the fruited plan, pull back the shades and open up the shipping rooms you’ll see a beehive of shipping activity. Some businesses shipping boxes to customers in Asia. Businesses in New York shipping sales material to a business in Texas and a small printing business in New Orleans shipping boxes of business cards all over the country.
What they all have in common is the desire to get the best discount on shipping services for the precious packages they have to ship on a daily basis.
Red Roller helps small businesses know which shipping carrier has the best rate.
RedRoller Inc. announced in June the launch of its free Web-based, on-demand shipping solution. The service saves small businesses and consumers time and money for sending packages anywhere in the country by comparing the price and delivery options of top carriers. provides side-by-side comparisons of major national and regional carriers, enabling users to make the choices that are best for them. presents the best choices based on delivery time and price. For the first time on the Web, it enables a true “apples-to-apples” comparison of shipping carriers by providing service visibility and price for small business customers. The completely free service has no upfront costs or monthly fees and provides the following:
Results sorted by price and delivery time
Consolidated reporting and tracking
Aggregated maps to show nearest drop-off locations and hours of operation
Scheduled pick-ups
Address verification
Imported information from customer address books
Customer preferences saved to speed repeat shipments
Shipping labels printed using thermal printers or standard printers with plain paper
A fully eBay-integrated system
Email notification
To use, customers simply enter their shipping details and within seconds are quoted delivery times and prices from major national and regional carriers, allowing them to sort results by carrier, price and timing. After selecting their preferred service, users print out the necessary shipping labels on their own printer and they can then bring their shipments to the most convenient drop-off location or arrange for pick-up.