San Francisco Greets Ramon…Lessons on Email and more…

I arrived in San Francisco yesterday and will be here until Thursday. The Hotel Vitale, my home for now is absolutely wonderful – great customer service, friendly staff and very good amenities such as free broadband/wireless and decor.
When the plan landed I was using the Verizon Wireless Motorola Q, so was the person in a seat next to me. In front of me someone had a Palm Treo (W or P) and the guy in another seat across from me had a Sidekick. Mobile technology is wonderful.
In the taxi to my hotel, as the cab driver was speeding from the airport to I was using my Verizon Wireless broadband card – it worked very well the entire time.
Only thing is, from the hotel’s wired connection I could not send email OUT via Earthlink’s SMTP server so I switch to Google Gmail’s which works fine.
Why don’t I delete email – but only archive it? – For this trip to San Fran, I was able to search my “newsarchives” folder for small business PR/marketing professionals and tech vendors in San Fran. We’ll meet up so I can finally SEE so many who I email but never met face to face.