SunGards’ Email Suite – Protection and More

Sungard has launched a full range of services to bolster email in your small businesses. The services help customers to maintain communications and connectivity across the enterprise so they can achieve higher availability, lower total cost of ownership and improve messaging security.
The SunGard Messaging and Collaboration Services suite has five componentsóeach offered as standalone as well as integrated in combinations that help deliver great synergies. The components are:
E-Mail Availability Service, which delivers a standby e-mail system, built on secure, open-source technology and standard Web components. This service provides transparent failover, in as little as 60 seconds, should any type of event – planned or otherwise – disrupt an e-mail system or IT infrastructure, including problems with physical facilities, servers, network connections and even staff.
E-Mail Protection Service, which offers continuous protection against intrusions and annoyances from hackers, spammers, phishers and others attempting to invade an e-mail system. This service provides customers the ability to redirect mail exchange records to SunGard, where every message is inspected using industry-leading security and safety features. All protection tasks are handled at the perimeter level, meaning they are addressed before e-mail enters a customer’s systems and mailboxes.
Hosted Exchange Service, which provides an organization with fully managed, secure mailboxes hosted at SunGard facilities as well as easy, Microsoft-supported migration paths to stay current with the latest versions of Microsoft Exchange. Mailboxes are configurable on demand, protected by anti-virus, anti-spam and content filtering features, and available at an affordable price-per-mailbox per month.
Notification Service, a Web-based tool which provides direct, real-time, two-way communications between organizations and large numbers of employees, customers and other key audiences. It leverages multiple methods – e-mail, voice, text messaging, pagers, Blackberry devices and other modes – to make sure messages are received. The service can be used for standard communications – including company-wide announcements and overtime calling lists – as well as during a crisis such as an IT outage or physical disaster.
Archiving Service for Messaging, which is designed to manage the lifecycle of e-mails and attachments from creation through storage and retrieval to disposition – addressing compliance and E-Discovery requirements. The service leverages SunGard’s 24/7 monitoring, management and maintenance support to free up customer IT personnel time and storage resources for other pressing projects.