Verizon Wireless – Virginia, North Carolina, NJ….

Last week, I took a 9 hour trip from New Jersey to a local university in Lynchburg, Virginia. I of course packed my regular mobile gear with me, including a Verizon Wireless broadband card. For some reason while the card connected to Verizon’s network in Virginia it would not let me online from my dorm on campus. HOWEVER, the university appears to have upgraded its network from wired to wireless since I was there last year and I was online with no problem.
I’m now in North Carolina, sitting in farm country and Verizon’s Wireless card is working wonderfully. If getting online is a MUST for you and you’re not sure if you’ll have access to an Internet connection where you are going then this card is a must.
My cousin, who is a trucker, told me that he might even buy the card so he can wireless access the Internet to run his trucking business from the road.
I’m trying out the Motorola Q smartphone as well – it’s so nice. Very small and does many things well. I’ll have more on this later (mostly good stuff) in a few days.