What If You Build A Web Site And Were Guaranteed Customers?

Web hosts are great at helping you host and build your web site, but when it comes to helping you generate traffic what do you do? There’s a lot you can do if you take the time and invest the money to do a media campaign or spend money to market your web site offline and online – but if you don’t know what you are doing you can LOSE money. You could also do a lot of things that cost little money but take quite a bit of time – like getting other web sites to mention your web site to their audiences. Hotmail and Google got to be very famous as their customers spread the word about them with word of mouth marketing. All these things are great and should be done (especially the things that cost little money)
One of the best things you can do to build your web traffic and get qualified prospects is to have your web site appear in search engine listings when customers type in keywords that match what your web site sells. You can search optimize your web site and get the listing for free and/or buy keywords to ensure your web site is listed in search engine listings as well.
HomeStead’s SearchLight is a solution for you to consider if you want professional help in getting your web site listed on search engine rankings.
I wrote about Homestead a few week’s ago and gave you a head’s up on SearchLight, with this official launch, I’ll give you some more information about it.
For one monthly Searchlight gives you an annual guaranteed number of clicks to your web site from search engine traffic including Yahoo, Google and MSN. Although Homestead guarantees you traffic you should still evaluate to ensure that the traffic results in SALES.
There’s 5 steps to SearchLight’s process:
1) Expert search consultants create your online ads
2) Your ads are placed on 25+ top search engines
3) Interested consumers click to your website
4) Professional review session to improve your website. (this step is important to help you optimize your web site for search engines so you can get even MORE traffic)
5) Searchlight will track and optimize your campaign
What does it cost:
Package levels include Starter, Standard and Turbo priced at $29.99, $49.99 and $99.99 per month, respectively. Annual pay-per-click levels for each package start at 240, 400 and 800, with booster packages available for 800, 1,600 and 3,200 for additional annual clicks. SearchLight is billed monthly with a three month minimum commitment. Certain business categories are considered premium, due to the market-value of certain high-demand search terms. Premium Starter, Standard and Turbo packages are $79.99, $134.99 and $269.99
Whether your web site is hosted at Homestead of some other service, Searchlight can help you.
Small Business Resources has a similar offering, but their prices and details are not listed – you have to give them your email address and phone number to get more information.
Yahoohas a marketing solution as well but from what I can tell, it’s a basic pay for search engine placement with no consultants to HELP YOU maximize your investment.
My own web host Hypermart, also has a few marketing offerings but they also don’t help you with your search engine advertising, you spend your money and hope for the best.